Dublin Politics

Politics, Conflict, Culture-  Easter Rising 

Easter 1916 was a defining moment in Irish History and was the catalyst for Ireland to  become a Republic. 100 years later this seminal event was commemorated across the World in 2016 but all roads lead to Dublin where the events that defined Ireland as a nation took place. Ireland’s National identity stems from this period and it defines Irish political and culture to this day.

A twelve-hundred strong force took over the centre of Dublin, proclaimed the right of Irish citizens to the ownership of Ireland.They fought, surrendered, and were either executed or jailed—is an event which has exercised the minds and pens of Irish historians for generations. The events which took place during Easter week in 1916 still have the power to divide a nation as Ireland’s revolution was led by poets, artists and school-teachers.

Walk in the footsteps of the 1916 heroes (General Post Office, College Green , St Stephens Green,  Dublin Castle) featured in this important Irish event).

Cost 250 Euro. Max 20 people (Entrance Fees not included)